The Dorsal Appliance

The Dorsal Appliance is a device that resembles a custom fitted mouth guard. It keeps your airway open and protected, eliminating snoring and sleep apnoea episodes.

It is worn only during sleep and does not limit your ability to open or close your mouth, yawn or speak. Most importantly, it is comfortable and discreet to wear.

The unique Dorsal Fin is positioned in a direction facing the back of the mouth, which allows forward, side-to-side and up-and-down movement whilst you are awake or semiconscious. Whilst allowing considerable movement, it fully captures the lower jaw into the correct position that your dentist has designed it to, allowing you to fall into deep sleep. The fin has a binding effect that ensures your lower jaw does not rotate open.

Your dentist will place your custom-made appliance in hot water at the first fitting to ensure a good fit. If any adjustments are required, you should return your appliance to your dentist.

The Dorsal Appliance is designed to be worn every night when you sleep and should remain in for the entire sleep period. When not using the appliance, you should leave it in its case and in a safe place away from any pets. We recommend that you gently brush the appliance daily with a toothbrush and even some non-abrasive toothpaste. Only use COLD water to rinse or clean the appliance.

For any questions, call your dentist.

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