Airway Ese

The Airway Eze is the most comfortable sleep appliance in its field; your patients will experience a safe, comfortable, quiet, and restful sleep.

The Materials

The Airway Eze is made of high quality Ivocap Elastomer ™. This unique material possesses the elasticity of an EVA mouth guard without the problems associated with a thermoform vinyl. The material is in fact, a heat cured PMMA resin and the unique plasticizer element polymerized within the polymer matrix is 100% inert. There are no residual monomers left after the curing cycle. This material will last for years, as long as it is cleaned and used in accordance with the instructions given to the patient at the insertion appointment.

The Components (AE inserts)

The VERTICAL component of the Airway Eze is located on the mandibular portion of the appliance. The HORIZONTAL component of the Airway Eze is located on the maxillary portion of the appliance. These inserts are supplied in heights of 1mm increments for easy vertical and horizontal titration. The present AE inserts within your delivered Airway Eze will be selected in accordance to the bite registration that you supply. If you are happy with that position when seating the appliance in your patient’s mouth, you do not need to change the inserts. This position should be assessed at each follow-up visit. You as a dentist, not the patient, should be changing the inserts as needed.

Changing the Components (AE inserts)

Should you wish to change the PROTRUSIVE position of your patient, pull out the AE inserts from the maxillary portion of the appliance. These inserts are usually difficult to remove, so use a blunt edged tool and use a rocking motion first above and down to unlock the first key. Use the same type of rocking motion from under the same insert to completely unlock it, then pull it out.

The horizontal AE inserts are ambidextrous, so they will fit into either side of the maxillary portion of the Airway Eze. It is important to keep the “nub” positioned to the gingival side in case elastics are needed for the appliance. The horizontal AE inserts may be trimmed using a cross cut tungsten bur in a slow speed hand piece for individualization of the anterior repositioning of your patient’s mandible.

Should you wish to change the VERTICAL position of your patient, pull out the AE inserts from the mandibular portion of the appliance. These inserts are easier to remove and can be easily pulled out with your fingers. If you are concerned about the potential for dislodgement of the vertical inserts, they may be cold cured into their slots with a small amount of PMMA or triad gel. These materials will bond to the PMMA based elastomeric material. The vertical AE inserts are side specific and the “nub” should be facing the buccal in case elastics are needed for the appliance.

Oral Appliances

As a practitioner in treating Sleep Breathing Disorders, you need to have knowledge of how oral appliances work and the correct amount of titration during treatment. The proper protocol as dictated by your state Dental Board, the Standard of Care for treatment with Oral Appliances and all of the possible side effects associated with the appliances. These should be discussed with your patients prior to treatment with the Airway Eze. Body Balancing Pty Ltd and any dental laboratory fabricating the Airway Eze MAS will not be responsible for failure on the dentist’s part to properly educate their patients as to possible negative outcomes from using oral appliances for treating sleep breathing disorders.

Care Instructions

If you take good care of your Airway Eze, you should experience years of enjoyment and comfortable sleep.

* Please contact your provider if you have any additional questions concerning the care of your Airway Eze.

1. Cleaning – always rinse your Airway Eze in the morning and gently dry it before putting it away in the provided case. You may clean your Airway Eze by soaking it in white vinegar for no longer than 10 minutes and follow up with brushing any excess off with a soft toothbrush, then rinsing in water.
2. Keep it away from any pets. Dogs especially like oral appliances.
3. Do not attempt to remove any of the Airway Eze inserts by yourself. These can be easily lost and your provider is trained to make these adjustments for you.
4. Store in a cool dry place. Do not expose your Airway Eze to temperature extremes. Whilst traveling, do not leave in a hot car.
5. If you have a lot of silver fillings, the fillings may stain the appliance and black areas may appear on the Airway Eze. This discolouration will not decrease the effectiveness of your Airway Eze.
*No warranty or guarantee is provided
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