DNA Appliances

DNA Appliances (Daytime Night Time Appliances)
DNA Appliances’ innovative solutions provide a natural way for the body to move teeth into their correct positions, using the concept of Epigenetic Orthodontics to enhance craniofacial development.

Professor Dr. G. Dave Singh DDSc PhD BDS is the Founder of the field of epigenetic orthodontics, having realised that there is a natural way for the body to move teeth into their correct positions without the use of traditional biomechanical forces.

Traditional orthodontic treatments often use force braces fixed to the teeth, which are worn all the time. Epigenetic Orthodontics is different because instead of using mechanical forces to move teeth, a patented removable Daytime-Nighttime Appliance™ (or DNA appliance™) is worn during the evening and night, and this allows the body to gently correct the positions of the teeth in its own natural way.

The diagnostic support and treatment solutions provide the tools for natural jaw development and airway remodelling through craniofacial enhancement. In addition, the DNA appliance protocols are effective in addressing issues such as TMD and obstructive sleep apnoea in both adults and children without using surgery, drugs or injections.

Dr Singh believes that by changing the spatial relations of crooked teeth, using a new generation of orthodontic-orthopedic-pneumopedic™ DNA appliances™, which can be worn similar to removable orthodontic retainers, the various genes that control tooth position will be activated so that orthodontists and dentists can enhance dental and oral health, including non-surgical airway remodelling™.

Some evidence for these ideas is already available in the dental, orthodontic and medical literature. These new DNA appliances™ rely less on the continuous force exerted by conventional orthodontic braces, but help to guide the teeth, jaws, TMJ, face and airway into more optimal relations for functions, such as sleep and breathing.

Specifically, these new DNA appliances™ consist of 3-D Axial springs™ that are specially made from Do-Not-Adjust wire™ or DNA wire™ which, as its name suggests, requires virtually little or no adjustment by the dental professional.

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