Smiles 2 Go

Smiles 2 Go | TDSA (The Dental Solution Australia)
Smiles 2 Go are worn over existing dentition and offer the patient instant aesthetic improvement to his or her smile
Smiles 2 Go | Before and After Picture

Smiles 2 Go is indicated for patients who are not quite willing or able to move forward with restorative treatment. Prescribe this appliance to dramatically improve aesthetics and increase patient desire to transition to more definitive treatment in the future.

Flexible and strong, this natural-looking appliance does not require any cementation or adhesive to hold in place. Instead, it fits over the natural undercuts of existing teeth.

It can be used in transitional implant healing, or as a diagnostic bite-opening appliance. Let patients with crooked, stained, worn, broken or missing teeth experience the benefits of a restored smile by prescribing Smiles 2 Go.

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