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3Shape TRIOS

Picture of 3Shape Trios Scanner

In order to send digital impressions from 3Shape TRIOS ® intraoral scanner to The Dental Solution Australia, a connection between the scanner and us has to be established via 3Shape Communicate as following:

  1. Register for a 3Shape Communicate account via login if you do not have one.
  2. Login to your 3Shape Communicate account via login
  3. Click Connections on the navigation bar
  4. Click Add Connection button
  5. Enter in the field and click Find
  6. Select “The Dental Solution Australia” in the result. Enter any message you may have for us. If you have an TDSA account that you would like to attach to this 3Shape Communicate account, you can note it here. Click Connect.
  7. Once we approve your connection request, the status of The Dental Solution Australia will change from “Waiting for approval” to “Active” on Connected Sites page
  8. Go to you TRIOS ® scanner, select Configure > Lab Connections. Select Communicate for External Connection Method. Click Refresh. Make sure that The Dental Solution Australia appears in your Communicate list.(Note: you may have to Configure Communicate first if you have not setup your Communicate account on your scanner before)

You can also check out the 3Shape Communicate for dental clinic video for further illustration. We recommend you spend time browsing through 3Shape YouTube channel for video tutorials, tips and tricks on how to best utilise your Trios scanner.