Custom Mouthguards

A mouthguard is a device that covers the teeth, protecting them to prevent dental injuries.

At The Dental Solution Australia (TDSA), we’re changing the game and providing every athlete the highest level of protection.

Each mould and finished mouthguard is checked and approved by one of our fully-qualified dental technicians before dispatch, ensuring the highest quality.

Customise your Mouthguard

Colour Options

TDSA combine premium strength with a fantastic, comprehensive range of colour combinations using the Briteguard Easy Colour System.

Every colour, and every colour combination in this range has been rigorously tested to ensure its safety. The colours also meet the Standards of the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Model and the requirements of European and US regulations for food products.

Single Colours*

Dark Blue
Rugby Blue
Light Blue

Pearl Colours*

Gold Rush
Pearl Blue
Pearl Purple
Pearl Green
Pearl Yellow

Fluorescent Colours*

Blaze Orange
Aurora Pink

2 Colours*

Black | White
Black | Yellow
Blue | Red
Blue | White
Blue | Yellow
Brown | Yellow
Dark Blue | Red
Dark Blue | White
Dark Blue| Yellow
Green | White
Green | Red
Green | Yellow
Purple | White
Red | Black
Red | White
Red | Yellow

3 Colours*

Designer Colours*

Speed Sparks

Colour Combinations & Design

Choose Up To 3 Colours **

Choose 2 or 3 colours above to make your own design

Use Your Graphic / Logo ***

Add 1 Colour on the Inside ****

Choose 1 different colour on the inside for your monthguard

* Please note: Real colours may vary from colours above
** Three colour combination will incur an addition cost
*** You should have the proper copyright to use the graphics on your monthguard
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