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Sirona Connect

Picture of Sirona Scanner

OmniCam are normally a part of full in-house CAD/CAM solution for dental practice. However, with Sirona Connect online portal, dentists have the option to take the digital impression from a Sirona scanner and let The Dental Solution Australia (TDSA) take care of the fabrication.

In order to connect your Sirona scanners with us, please do the followings:

  1. Register for a Sirona Connect account via if you do not have one
  2. Login to your Sirona Connect account via
  3. Click on My Account > My Favorite Laboratories
  4. Click on New Search button
  5. Enter postcode “3000” in Your Zip field and click Start Search button
  6. Click the plus (+) icon in the add column of The Dental Solution Australia (it should be the very first row in the result)
  7. On your scanner, ensure the Sirona Connect Software is properly installed
  8. After performing a scan session on your scanner, you will be able to click on Connect, login and send the impression to The Dental Solution Australia

If you have further questions regarding Sirona Connect services, we suggest you contact Sirona Connect Technical Support via 1300 766 843.