Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

  • Digital Smile Design (DSD) is based upon the analysis of the patients facial and dental proportions, using digital photographs to understand the relationship between teeth, gums, lips, smile and facial features.
  • You work with the patient in a collaborative project to deliver superior aesthetic smile design results.

What does this mean for you?

  • As an approved Digital Smile Design Partner, TDSA can train you, the dentist, to take the series of photographs used by DSD to design the perfect smile for your patient.
  • You take the photos and send to TDSA.
  • We send you the finished design and all components of a new and beautiful smile.

What does this mean for your patient?

  • Digital Smile Design takes the guesswork out of improving a patients smile and gives the patient the opportunity to view and approve their new smile.
  • This can be a highly motivational experience for the patient and often any concerns about cost become secondary.
  • Once your patient has seen and approved their fabulous new smile design, you can discuss what work is required and a build treatment plan.

What happens next?

  • TDSA is here to help you every step of the way.
  • Once we receive the design from DSD, it will be available via Dropbox. TDSA will notify you and await your confirmation.
  • Once confirmation is received we print models and create keys.
  • These are available in two days.

The DSD Photos

In order to perform a perfect Smile Design we need you to send us at least 3 photos from the DSD Protocol, if you send more than 3 they will be welcome and used. The better the photos are, the better the Smile Design will be. The pictures we need are:

  • Face Smile
  • 12 O’Clock
  • Oclussal

Check the DSD Photo Protocol for more tips on how to make the best picture.

DSD Timeline

  • Recommended design time frame is 72 hours once all required information are upload to DSD company. Occasionally your DSD case could be delayed if the images are not satisfactory or DSD company are concerned about your treatment plan.
  • Once we receive the design from DSD company, it will be available in your Dropbox. TDSA will notify you, and wait for your confirmation for the design.
  • Once the confirmation received, it will take no more than 2 days to print models and create keys.

*Delays can occur if case or information supplied is not to standard, or we do not receive confirmation immediately.


As a dentist, being able to provide our patients with the highest quality of work is incredibly important. It is what differentiates an average end result from an exceptional one. This requires thorough and constant communication between a dental practice and the dental laboratory.

I have nothing but praise for the team at TDSA. From purchasing my first scanner to completing my first DSD case, they have both been available every time I needed support. They have been fantastic with any technical issues, accommodating patient requests and delivering a high quality product. I highly recommend TDSA to other dentists.

Dr. Nidhi Berera

Principal Cosmetic Dentist, Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary

My Business Partner Dr Frank Noronha and I have been clients of the TDSA for a few years. Over the years the team at TDSA have provided us with a service that is unmatched in terms of quality and expertise. Digital dentistry and Digital Smile Design were a concept that fit very well with our practice clientele as well as our clinicians who all love creating a natural and aesthetic smile while using modern technology.

I knew that TDSA is at the forefront with DSD and requested them to help us understand the basics of this concept. TDSA ran the workshop very well and answered all our questions (we had many, many questions), discussed troubleshooting as well as potential pitfalls.

The team at TDSA spent at least an hour helping all of us take the right photos. At the end of the workshop our team was pumped and excited. I have seen them discuss these cases more confidently with patients and the enthusiasm is making the patients more and more willing to accept the treatment.

Thank you, TDSA, for your time and expertise! We recommend any practise who wants to truly understand the digital workflow of predictable smiles using DSD, have TDSA run a workshop for you.

Vandana Budhwar

Principle Dentist, Miners Dental Clinic, Wonthaggi

The team at Smiles Unlimited would like to thank The Dental Solution Australia (TDSA) for being such a passionate and supportive team who bring the latest digital technology to the dental industry and for running a great in-office DSD workshop and inspiring us to best serve our patients with the most efficient and convenient way by designing custom crowns and veneers that are tailored to the specific requirements and demands of the patient.

Dr. Nabil Matti

Smiles Unlimited

For Further Information on Digital Smile Design (DSD)
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