Our Orthodontics Appliances


  • Choose up to 3 colours
  • Use your graphic / logo
  • Can be personalized with patient name

Indirect Bonding Tray

  • Accurency
  • Fast & efficient
  • Ultimate control
  • Easy & flexible
  • We use a variety of high quality Damon brackets

Clear Orthodontic Retainers

  • Variety of thickness available (0.75mm – 2mm)
  • Can be straight cut (provides the best retention) or scalloped for patient comfort

Clear Orthodontic Retainer + Temporary Crown

  • Temporary solution before an implant or other restoration is completed

Basic Hawley Retainer

  • Basic design includes adams clasps on 6’s and labial bow from canine to canine
  • Can be fully customized with Z springs, additional clasps, bite planes etc
  • Graphics/names can also be added to personalize
  • Click here to download the colour chart


  • Provides superior retention compared to wire labial bow, as it is adapted to the patients teeth
  • Completely clear, more aesthetically pleasing

Lingual Retainers

  • Straight or V-loop design to allow for easy and
    hygienic flossing
  • Variety of wire available including nickel free
  • Putty jig included for easy insertion

MARA Appliance

(Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance)

  • Skeletal Class II correction device
  • Works by repositioning the mandibular into an ideal Class I position
  • Available with a TPA or RPE using Jack screw
  • Torquing kit/extra shims available upon request

Schwartz Expander


  • Expansion of up to 12mm
  • Custom made to accommodate bite
    plane (anterior/posterior)
  • Available with 2 expansion screws for
    added strength

Mews expander


  • Orthotropic treatment device
  • Mandibular and Maxillary available
  • Clasp design can be custom made to accomodate
    each patient



  • Fixed expander for young or non-compliant
  • 7mm – 12mm Jack Screw options (verify screw sizes)
  • 8mm-16mm Power Screw options
  • Occulsal rests can be added to premolars

Williams Expander

(mandibular, fixed and Maxillary)

  • Miniscrew with NiTi archwire to improve
    anterior alignment during expansion
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