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March 17thSleep Apnea
April 14thCase Studies: Sleep Apnea
May 19thThe role of Surgery in OSA
June 16thCase Studies: OSA

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The Dental Solution Australia (TDSA) in collaboration with Respiratory Dental Institute (RDI) is offering a series of free monthly on-line educational webinars.

The Respiratory Dental Institute (RDI) was created to assist both medical and dental colleagues, via online education programs to better understand and identify sleep related breathing disorders and the clinical management of their patients.


Sleep Physician - Dr Linda Schachter
Sleep Physician
Dr Linda Schachter
Oral Specialist - Dr Michael Stubbs
Oral Specialist
Assoc Prof Michael Stubbs
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - Dr Edward Nguyen
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr Edward Nguyen

Webinar REcordings

01 Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is the most common sleep related breathing disorder.

Left untreated it can have profound health implications for your patients, their quality of life and the quality of life of their families.

Dr Schachter and Dr Stubbs will give an overview of sleep related breathing disorders in the community, the impact on patients suffering from sleep apnea and how you and your team can become involved in screening and treating your patients.

To register for this free online webinar please visit the RDI website

02 Case Studies – Sleep Apnea

In this second webinar, Dr Schachter and Assoc Prof Stubbs will review case studies where patients have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been treated with an oral appliance.

To register for this free online webinar please visit the RDI website

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Acrylic Prosthetics Dentures

TDSA manufactures acrylic full and partial dentures and Valplast® (flexible partial dentures). Denture relining and repairs are also available.


dental crown | tooth cap | dental cap
TDSA manufactures Standard and Premium crowns in the following materials:

  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • All Metal
  • Metal Free


Dental Implants

We use CAD/CAM milling technologies to create casts for implant prosthesis. TDSA manufacture Standard and Premium Implants. We also manufacture and stock a range of prosthesis (both removable and fixed) that can be supported by implants.

Digital Splints

Digitally Milled Splints

The main benefits of CAD/CAM milling technologies are the elimination of individual human errors inherent in the casting and other technical processes resulting in time saving and higher level of predictability at both the technical and clinical level. This allows the digital splint to be more durable, lighter, thinner and less bulky, hence improving patient’s comfort and compliance.

Digital Smile Design

DSD Natural Restoration | TDSA
  • As an approved Digital Smile Design (DSD) Partner, TDSA can train you, the dentist, to take the series of photographs used by DSD to design the perfect smile for your patient.
  • You take the photos and send to TDSA.
  • We send you the finished design and all components of a new and beautiful smile.

Seminars & Events


Acrylic Prosthetics Dentures

TDSA frequently presents dental seminars and events to further educate current and prospective dentists throughout Australia & New Zealand.

TDSA Education Centre in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD hosts world-renowned dental speakers to advance knowledge and creates opportunities to network with industry professionals.


dental crown | tooth cap | dental cap

State-of-the-art venue:

  • Seminar Room
  • Live Clinic

Bespoke catering services:

  • Full / half day package with dedicated onsite catering supervisor
  • Upgrades (arrival tea, hot buffet lunch, seated dinner)
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